Fishing Charters

Fishing Charters

Tampa/St. Petersburg fishing charter guide Captain Wade Osborne, holds a USCG Master Captain’s license, has been plying the waters of west central Florida as a professional FULL-TIME fishing guide since 1997 and is an active member of The National Association of Charter Boat Operators.

Osborne has been featured on numerous TV shows, including Average Angler Adventures, 10 News WTSP “Do My Job” with anchor Joe Gumm, The Fishing Challenge, Fish Buzz TV, Your Guide to Fishing with Captain Mel Berman, Bay News 9’s On the Water segment and featured in a Bay News 9 “Klystron 9 Radar” promo. Some of these appearances can be viewed on the video.

Company Information:

Company Name: Afishionado Guide Services, Inc.
Contact: Captain Wade Osborne
Phone Direct: (813) 286-3474

Address: 5108 W Gandy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33611


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Fishing For Snook In Florida

Locating Kingfish

Snook Fishing Tampa / St. Petersburg / Clearwater / Safety Harbor

Snook fishing in St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay to include Clearwater, Safety Harbor and surrounding area waters with Captain Wade Osborne is a drag screaming experience. People travel from all over the world to tangle with this highly acrobatic and most prized Florida species. Methods for catching snook include spin casting with live-bait, plug or jig fishing and fly fishing. Snook can be pursued year-round with most fish weighing between 3 to 14 pounds. However, the fishing is exceptional from March through November when the fish are most active. During May, June, July and August when the largest of the “linesiders” are spawning, catching 30 plus snook during one outing is commonplace with some fish weighing possibly 15 to 25 pounds.

Fishing Video

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When to Go King Mackerel Fishing

Best Tarpon Fishing Charters in Tampa Bay Area

The majority of Afishionado Guide Services’ tarpon fishing charters consist of cruising the Pinellas and Manatee county shoreline with the rising sun. Once situated, Osborne scans the horizon in search of rolling or daisy chaining tarpon. The boat is then positioned to let the tarpon approach for a prefect cast. Other times, Osborne anchors the boat in tarpon travel corridors and uses fresh cut bait.

Tampa Bay Fishing Spots

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Snook Fishing Charters

Best Environments for Catching Trout

During most of the year, Osborne fishes deep grass flats and grass patches in Tampa Bay or that line the some of the passes along St. Petersburg’s coast for trout. As the waters warm, sea-trout move into areas with a good tidal flow to stay cool and ambush bait-fish. Scaled sardines and small pinfish become the live bait of choice; however, flies and lures still catch plenty of fish. Sea-trout charter fishing is consistent year-round and is a great species to catch while introducing children to fishing. Long cast are not required and with the constant action these fish provide, young anglers develop a passion for the sport right away.

Tournament winning captain Osborne strives to make every fishing charter a memorable fishing adventure and with satisfaction passes on his knowledge, skills and passion for the sport. Whether instructing children or novice anglers his approach is patient and courteous. When it comes to guiding avid anglers, Osborne understands they just want to catch fish. Local fishing enthusiasts and vacationing anglers alike find his fishing charters to be an enjoyable and informative experience.